Thursday, December 18, 2014

What is the truth?

The economy has recovered.

That is what we have been told. Look around and see how many jobs have been created, or have they. In November 2014 there was a 312,000 increase in employment.

But look closely at our Bureau of Labor Statistics. The participation rate, the percentage of the labor force that is working, remained at 62.8%. That means thirty-seven (37%) are not employed. There are one hundred forty-seven million (147,289,000) people working. There are nine million (9,110,000) people not working. 

Take heart, India Japan, and Turkey have lower participation rates.
The accuracy of these statistics is only as good as what are government is telling us. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Where have the Conservative Gone?

Last week Speaker John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the GOP leadership cut a deal with the Obama Democrats to approve another staggering $1.1 trillion in new spending. What happened to the Republican commitment to fight the reckless Obama Agenda, balance the budget, and save our country?

Unfortunately, I can't say I am surprised.

Dismayed, disappointed, and angry -- but not surprised. With other passionate conservatives on Capitol Hill like Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee, I fought against our Party's capitulation to Obama's disastrous agenda, and I'll keep standing up to them as long as I can count on your support!

It's bad enough that we're already over $18 trillion in debt -- but this was our perfect opportunity to defund Barack Obama's lawless, unilateral declaration of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens -- which the White House deliberately delayed until after the November elections. What are we waiting for?

But our Republican leadership was more concerned about being blamed for a government shutdown than carrying out the will of the voters and simply assented to the wishes of the globalist political elites.

Americans deserve better! They just gave their votes to elect the biggest GOP congressional majorities in decades, and this is the thanks they get from Republican Party Leadership?

Gerald, I am determined to keep the spotlight on the disastrous arrogant power overreach of Barack Obama - and the craven capitulation of Capitol Hill Republicans -- but I need your help to join me in this fight!

Will you stand with me at this critical time, and help me keep the pressure on the lawless and irresponsible in Washington? Please take this opportunity to make a generous contribution TODAY of $25, $50, or even $100 to sustain our efforts. Consider it an important gift to yourself, to your family, and to our blessed country.

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy Holiday season,

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

P.S. Gerald, we've got to keep the American people apprised of the outrageous dealings in Washington -- and hold our elected leaders accountable to the voters. Will you please step forward to help me in this important fight today? Thank you, Michele


Monday, December 15, 2014


Crony Capitalism: Sen. Elizabeth Warren delivered a stemwinder speech last Friday on the need for government to rein in Wall Street influence. But it's big government that created the monster in the first place.
Warren, D-Mass., was attacking a "dangerous provision" in the so-called cromnibus spending bill that, she said, stripped a part of Dodd-Frank that big banks, particularly Citigroup, don't like.

Her speech had the Left slobbering over itself. Michael Tomasky, writing for the Daily Beast, said Warren's "weekend heroics" made her the "most powerful Democrat in America." The Huffington Post ran a column calling it "the speech that could make Elizabeth Warren the next president."

That's only possible if voters overlook the glaring problem with her argument.

Warren isn't wrong to complain that big business has too much influence over public policy. But that influence isn't the result of insufficient government intervention. It's the result of a government that is too massive and too willing to intrude in free markets.

To take just one example: Up until the mid-1990s, Microsoft had virtually no lobbyist presence in Washington, D.C., and gave almost no money to political campaigns. Then the Clinton Justice Department decided to sue Microsoft for antitrust violations.
By 1998, the company was pouring $3.7 million into lobbying and giving more than $1.4 million to political campaigns. Influencing Washington became part of Microsoft's business strategy only after Washington decided to butt into Microsoft's business.

Warren and her compatriots also fail to understand that big businesses like costly, intrusive regulations when they handicap new competitors.

It's no surprise that Dodd-Frank — which was supposed to rein in the excesses of big banks — not only didn't get rid of the "too big to fail" problem, it hampered community banks that used to compete with the big ones.

"It was not the intent of Congress when it passed Dodd-Frank to harm community banks, but that is the awful reality," Dale Wilson of the First State Bank of San Diego told Congress this summer.

If Warren and her ilk really want to reduce the influence of Wall Street in Washington, they should start by calling for a drastic reduction in the size and scope of the federal government.

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Watch your Township and your planning Board.

December 10, 2014, the council meeting was packed with opinionated citizens concerned over the Washington Square PILOT proposal. The plan to develop the property bordering the Virtua Hospital and Northeast of Hurfville Cross Keys Road has been here since 2008. We, Washington Township, are facing a law suit wherein the developer will possibly collect from us via the Township wherein our taxes will pay for punitive funds if the plan is not permitted to go forward.

The plan originated as a result of revisions to the township’ master plan during the early 2000 era. The intent was to bring development that would produce employment for the township and a host of other well intentioned objectives such as tax rateables. Rateables are taxed properties that bring more income to the municipalities. The plan resulted in an agreement between developers and the township. The township at that time was in the guidance of Democrat Mayor Paul Moriarty, and An all Democrat council of; Al Fratalli, Robert Mc Dowel, Michele Martin, Matt Lyons, and Timmons, and the appointed Planning Board.
The focus of the meeting was essentially what monies would flow to the School District and would
 the plan result in additional students and therefor added cost for the School District.
 Some of the plan’s problems are; the length of the term, the monies that go to the school district, 
who are the developers, the projections are all questionable when it goes so far into the future,
what are the guaranties against bankruptcy?
If this redevelopment plan is within the authority of the Planning board as noted on the Washington
 Township website It seems to be time to look at their charter:

The Planning Board is directly and exclusively authorized to excercise power with regard to:  
The Adoption of a Master Plan; Subdivision control and site plan review as to permitted uses; 
recommendations as to the official map; conditional use applications; recommendations as to
 the zoning ordinance or amendments thereto and the capital improvements program.  
Additionally, the planning board participates in preparation and review of programs or plans
 required by state or federal law or regulation:”