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How many workers, Remember my letter form 2-6-14

February 6, 2014
Dear Editor
Are we running out of the support for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Medicare Part D, Unemployment Insurance? These programs require mandatory contributions from a population of workers and employers of a number larger than the number receiving benefits. The Affordable Care Act is similarly based. We need large numbers of younger and healthier citizens to procure insurance in sufficient numbers sufficient to support the claims. The total numbers of workers are shrinking as a percentage of the population. The working population is shrinking because of; our recession, aging population, and the lower birth rate. The ratio of workers to non-workers is falling below the sustainable numbers of contributors. The ACA has been impacted by the lack of enrollees. But the Federal government is spending tax monies to advertise for enrollees into the ACA. At what cost? Do we think increase immigration will increase the number of contributors if there are no increases in employment?
The impact by the ACA is because working hours are being reduced. The resulting lower income will lower contributions. Are increased contributions an answer? Our governments, Federal and State, need to enact steps that improve private business employment, reduce the assaults on state budgets, and reduce dependency on government supports. Local governments pay into federal and state supported plans. Increased employment by businesses will overcome some of the short fall of the payroll and employer contributions. Increased government employment will increase our taxes.

Gerald Keer
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In 2012, according to the Census Bureau, approximately 103,087,000 people worked full-time, year-round in the United States. "A full-time, year-round worker is a person who worked 35 or more hours per week (full time) and 50 or more weeks during the previous calendar year (year round)," said the Census Bureau. "For school personnel, summer vacation is counted as weeks worked if they are scheduled to return to their job in the fall."

Of the 103,087,000 full-time, year-round workers, 16,606,000 worked for the government. That included 12,597,000 who worked for state and local government and 4,009,000 who worked for the federal government.

The 86,429,000 Americans who worked full-time, year-round in the private sector, included 77,392,000 employed as wage and salary workers for private-sector enterprises and 9,037,000 who worked for themselves. (There were also approximately 52,000 who worked full-time, year-round without pay in a family enterprise.)

At first glance, 86,429,000 might seem like a healthy population of full-time private-sector workers. But then you need to look at what they are up against.

The Census Bureau also estimates the size of the benefit-receiving population.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't let them raise taxes!!!!

To: Senator Madden, Assemblyman Moriarty, Assemblywoman Mosquera
American Citizens Lobbyist Group
New Jersey
Monday, 4.14.14
Budget Time in Trenton Part 3
S&P downgrades New Jersey on budget concerns.

The downgrade makes New Jersey the third-lowest rated state in the country by S&P, trailing only Illinois and California.

NEW YORK (Market watch)   Standard & Poor's Ratings Services lowered its rating on New Jersey's general obligation debt to A+ from AA- Wednesday afternoon.

 It also lowered its rating on the state's appropriation-backed debt to A from A+ and its rating on the state's moral obligation debt to BBB+ from A-, while maintaining a stable outlook on the state's ratings.

S&P analysts said in a note that the downgrade reflects a "sizeable structural imbalance" related to the state's attempts to balance its budget, which the firm believes will lead to "future budgetary pressures."

The analysts acknowledged the state's economic environment is generally improving, but won't be enough to offset potential unfunded pension liabilities.

The downgrade makes New Jersey the third-lowest rated state in the country by S&P, trailing only Illinois and California.
The agency previously downgraded the state’s bond rating in 2011. Each time it goes lower, it drives up the cost of borrowing for major projects such as schools and roads.
There are only two ways to balance a budget. Raise revenue or cut spending.
We recommended a 3% cut across the board two weeks ago.
Last week we recommended that you cut wasteful spending.

We have confidence in you our legislators, and NJ state workers. If everyone pitches in we can get this budget under control.

American Citizens Lobbyist Group-NJ
Basil Mantagas, NJ Director, 646-825-0776,
4.14.14, S&P downgrade.Budget Part 3

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The only government department without a military force at its disposal is the military

In Nevada, the department of the interior has its own sniper force training weapons an a cattle owner and his family for filming the cattle grazing.

Meanwhile, at Fort Hood, a 340 square-mile base with 56,000 troops on location, soldiers forbidden to carry weapons had to cower in place and wait for the sheriff's office to respond to the latest shooting.

Should you decide to protest this overreach, the feds have an orange fence cordoning off a "First Amendment Area" where Big Brother will let you express yourself.

Read Mark Steyn on this and more at "The First Amendment is Not an Area"

Way of control

Where are the differences?
 Numerous Russian sympathizers living in The Ukraine are organized to support Russia and its way of governing. The Prime minister is over thrown and Russia seizes Crimea and sets up a Russian rule of law. Strong arm threats are implemented by stirring unrest and pressuring Ukraine to bow to Putin and his desires.

Our country passes a law that takes over the major portion of the economy and issues handouts in the forms of food stamps and subsidies to the people who cannot afford the new economics or way of health care. The difference is the lack of obvious strong arm threats to the underprivileged. Instead we have the strong arm of the IRS pressuring the opposition and trying to remove their rights to resist Obama and his desires.    

Monday, April 7, 2014

Do You Want Relief?

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Take Action>>> Tell Speaker Prieto to Stop Stonewalling Property Tax Relief!

Citizens of New Jersey

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) is stonewalling property tax relief!

As part of Gov. Christie's 2% property tax cap passed in 2010, interest arbitration awards were also capped at 2%. Ask any local or county elected official and they will tell you this tool is essential for helping to keep our outrageous property tax bills in check.

Instead of just extending the 2% arbitration cap by this year's April 1 deadline, Trenton liberals worked with Big Labor behind closed doors to try to change the rules. After the bill passed both houses on March 27, Gov. Christie issued a conditional veto (CV) to keep the original 2% arbitration cap in place.

The Senate immediately voted the same day to accept the Governor's CV-but Speaker Prieto didn't even allow it to come up for a vote! Instead, he adjourned the Assembly and now the arbitration cap has expired. No vote to accept the Governor's terms and extend the cap has been scheduled.

This is unacceptable!

Speaker Prieto owes it to taxpayers to reconvene the Assembly now and allow a vote to "Keep the Cap"!

Click here to send Speaker Prieto a message now! Then follow up with call to his office at 201-770-1303 and let him know you expect him to get this done! 

Read AFP's press releases on the arbitration cap HERE and HERE.

On to Victory,
Mike Proto
Communications Director

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