Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is Paul Ryan one of us?


Rep. Paul Ryan has stepped forward with a bold plan to reform the welfare system so it's more fair and effective — which is why the Democratic Party will oppose it.

"My thinking is, get rid of these bureaucratic formulas," Ryan said. "Put the emphasis on results."

Makes sense.

By replacing 11 different government welfare programs that don't work with state-based programs that do, the Ryan plan would encourage those on the dole to be more productive.

 Ryan, the Wisconsin Republican, has become one the most passionate critics of our dysfunctional, politically driven welfare system — which means he's a real danger to the liberal politicians who profit from its existence. His new plan, "Expanding Opportunity in America," isn't radical, though it's already being called that by the left-leaning media and Democrats in Congress.
Indeed, his plan is completely commonsensical and premised on one big idea: Take welfare out of the hands of the uncaring, incompetent federal bureaucracy in Washington, and give it back to the states — where things like welfare and education properly belong.
Ryan would do this by giving the money now spent on welfare back to the states in the form of Opportunity Grants. But it's not just money. It's also the flexibility to shape spending and programs to meet local needs.

"My thinking is, get rid of these bureaucratic formulas," Ryan said. "Put the emphasis on results."
Makes sense. By replacing 11 different government welfare programs that don't work with state-based programs that do, the Ryan plan would encourage those on the dole to be more productive.

Key to Ryan's innovative plan is that states and welfare recipients will together shape an individual plan so that welfare doesn't become a way of life.
A recipient might agree, for instance, to apply for a job. Or stay off drugs. Or go to school. The point is, the old "money for nothin'" welfare model would die.
"What do we know about the poor?" Ryan asked earlier this year. "They're less likely to have graduated from high school. They're less likely to work full time. And they're less likely to have gotten married before they had kids."
Yet our current welfare system encourages all these negative behaviors by punishing work.
Even though we've spent over $20 trillion on welfare since the War on Poverty began in 1964, today, in the richest nation on Earth, 47 million people remain poor — about 15% of the population.
Just as bad, nearly half of all Americans get a check from the government. This seems benign, but it's a recipe for growing dependence on government — contrary to our nation's founding principles, which encouraged self-reliance, hard work and individual responsibility.
Our current welfare system is inexcusable. We're wasting people's lives — and making all of us poorer.
It's time to end the cycle of dependency that our system breeds. And Ryan's plan would do just that.
So why are the media already calling Ryan's plan radical, while his so-called progressive congressional colleagues say they won't even consider it?
This is craziness. Our welfare system is, at best, dysfunctional, and, at worst, cruel, trapping millions of Americans in dead-end lives and making them virtual wards of the federal government.
Time for the welfare state as we know it to end. Ryan's plan is a great place to start.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Immigration Law

*New Immigration Laws*
1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.
2. All ballots will be in this nation's language.
3. All government business will be conducted in our language.
4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.
5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office.
6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or any other government assistance programs. Any who are a burden will be deported.
7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.
8. If foreigners come here and buy land, their options will be restricted. Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.
9. Foreigners may have NO protests; NO demonstrations, NO waving of a foreign flag, no political organizing, NO bad-mouthing our president or his policies. These will lead to deportation.
10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted and, when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All assets will be taken from you.

Too strict.?  The above laws are the current immigration laws of MEXICO.!  If it's good for American's to obey Mexican laws, then it's good vice versa.!!!

This will take less than thirty seconds to read. If you agree, please pass it on. An idea whose time has come: Somehow, that doesn't seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. The self-serving must stop. This is a good way to do that. It is an idea whose time has come. Have each person contact a minimum of twenty people on their address list, in turn ask each of those to do likewise.

In three days, most people in The United States of America will have read the message. This is one proposal that really should be passed around.

You are one of my 20.  If you don't have twenty, pass it on to whatever number you can.!
"The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living."

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Some Television and Radio stations have raised concerns over the current influx of immigration across the southern border. The possibility of terrorists is a high concern. However there are immediate impacts to school systems. WBZ, the Boston CBS affiliate, reported via the internet experiences of the town of Chelsea in Massachusetts with regard to their school system and the impact of immigration.
 Chelsea is a city with a population of approximately 39,000 like many other USA communities. Chelsea School’s Superintendent Dr. Mary Bourque has said; “There’s been a dramatic increase for us from January of this year through the closing of schools which was last week,” In January 2014, Chelsea had 5500 students, but ended the year with 6200 pupils. Undocumented immigrants, coming from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala contributed to the greater than 13% increase. The enrollment problem is a tip of the iceberg. The new student need to be vaccinated. They have social diseases as well as violence experiences. Are they being sent to their families or volunteers that need to be vetted? Will Obama’s three plus billion plan solve the problem, which seems to have been created by his associates?
In Gloucester County there are Washington Township and West Deptford with populations of approximately 49,000 and 29,000 respectively. What will happen if these towns see a ten percent increase in school enrollment over a six month period? Will Obama’s three plus billion plan solve the problem? More important why are these people. Whether children on young adults being encouraged to journey a thousand plus miles to an uncertain future? Why are there no receiving families meeting them at the border?
Remember the murdered Border Agent. Remember the job creation failures. Remember the health care program. Remember the Benghazi murders. Where did we get this President?

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Gloucester County Tea Party will be Wednesday, July 23, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, Gloucester County Library, 389 Wolfert Station Road; Mullica Hill, NJ.

Our speaker will be Dr. Jerome Huyler, Asst. Professor, Seton Hall University, who will give a timely talk for a troubled time.  The talk is "A Country In Crisis: So what's to be done?".  He will present a plan to restore our founding principles and cut federal spending without cutting essential services.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dom's page

Here is a radio show you should listen to and a link you should connect with:

Dom Giordano
Talk Show Host
WPHT (1210 AM) Radio, Phila. (weekdays 9AM - 12 noon)
Education Columnist, Philadelphia Daily News

Visit Dom's blog & sign up for his "Insiders Club" Newsletter

Dom Giordano is a Talk Radio conservative. I strongly suggest  you go there and join him in his fight for principles of conservatism.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Dear Editor,
Is Barrack Obama or anyone capable of controlling the Federal Government?  Consider the fifteen departments with eighty-nine bureaus or services. The list of employees and functions is astronomical. The Department of the Treasury has the infamous Internal Revenue Service. Recent focus has been on the IRs e-mails. If the information lost was not being routed through the massive government system the question is why not? Why are the computers involved not backed by some major system?
If the lost the E-mails are without back up in the Service’s system, were they personal communications not necessarily meant as official correspondence? Of course if they were intentionally personal then why were they on government computers? If this is where the communications took place another question is: Were the communications meant to be beyond scrutiny of the government? More clearly, were the people communicating with the purpose of doing so secretly because they were advocating something conspiratorial?
With the size of the government the possibilities for crimes against the citizens are manifold. It is time to reduce government. The Internal Revenue Service could be reduced by one of the tax systems such as; Fair Tax, National Sales Tax, or a simplified tax code. How many negotiated income tax settlements have been agreed by the IRS, at what costs? Reductions of government agencies would reduce tax dollars and unnecessary citizen scrutiny. Did the VA size, involvement, and bonuses cause unnecessary problems? Barrack Obama’s voters should lead the charge for smaller government where possible.
Gerald Keer

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Don't feed the animals! A lesson.

The year was 1970 and I visited the Pittsburgh zoo with my wife and son. The Zoo had an excellent brown bear enclosure of about ten bears of various sizes in an open pit surrounded by a stone wall and a moat at the base. The zoo had bags of marsh mallows for sale. The natural order in the bear pit meant the number on bear had front row and center. People would throw marshmallows, but the majority were caught by the front row center bear with a sweep of its paw, just like a first baseman's snag of a throw as the other non-players watched and looked on in envy. I decided, in my liberal mind, that this was unfair.
I began throwing marshmallows to the assumed number two and three positioned bears. Number one became annoyed with my third or fourth toss. The big bruin came down off his select spot and dispersed number two and number three. The flying fur spread throughout the compound of the numerous bears. People became alarmed and quickly left the scene in fear. Fear, was little concern because there was no way the behemoths were leaving the pit.
The lesson today is don’t feed the animals! Are we spreading fear and unrest today through our welfare systems? Are we spreading a disturbance in the natural order of our nation by bringing in emigrants without a formal procedure that thousands, or millions, of legal immigrations were processed and endured in the decades past?
By no means should illegal immigrants be considered animals. But the provisions of welfare to illegals and the provision of housing, health care, etc. is not fair to the people that came before them, learned the language, and passed the citizen test.