Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dr. Roy Spencer, where are we going with global warming

Suppose the year is 2028. There are now 40 new sources of electric power that do not use fossil fuels. (Your guess is as good as mine.)The people of our nation are now more dependent on air-conditioning than they were in 2015. CO2 in the atmosphere is 5% less than it was a dozen years ago. But the winters are twenty percent colder. The environmentalist are going crazy over the use of electric power. The forecast is there will be less than sufficient CO2 in the atmosphere in 2030 than can sustain northern hemisphere plant life.
Tell yourself this is not possible. Just joking. But when Europe was burning in the winter of 1944-45, and Japan was losing cities by flame in the same year, how come 1945 and 46 and, to 1950 were cold years?
Why did the ice in the northern seas diminish from 800 to twelve hundred? Remember the sagas of the Vikings raiding Europe and the British Isles. They did their raids from long boats, made of wood and no Ice breaking capabilities. The warm weather was at a time when the population count of the earth was much less than it is today. Yet the years following that warm period did not create sufficient activity to have man made global warming.